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At Y Tŷ Gwyrdd we are committed to ensuring everyone, regardless of ability, can access our website and services by making sure the content is accessible and user-friendly by:

  • Setting the website's primary/secondary language and adding alt text to images to prepare for those using screen readers

  • This site is optimised for NVDA, Voiceover and Talkback screen readers

  • Visual indicators are enabled

  • The DOM order has been tested on this website to ensure site visitors who are using accessibility screen readers are able to navigate around the site in a logical order

  • The site avoids using formatting with italics, all in capitals and small font sizes and ensures there is sufficient contrast between the font and background

  • Motion has been reduced on the website e.g. videos are not set to play automatically.  Videos will be subtitled.


 We are committed to equal opportunity and corporate social responsibility.

We are continually looking at ways to improve our accessibility and if you have any difficulty accessing the website content please contact us  email helo@ytŷ

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