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18.06.22 Gwyl Tŷ Gwyrdd

Town Hall, Eirianfa Community Centre, Y Tŷ Gwyrdd & Guildhall Tavern, all in Denbigh.

Why not come along to a full day and evening of events, featuring:-

A celebration of local creators, makers, & producers, art, music, food, Italian cookery, yoga, foraging, presentations, demonstrations, and Denbigh’s first ever People’s Assembly discussing 'How we can strengthen our local food networks’..

Please get in touch to find out about concessional rates.

👨‍👩‍👧 Free childcare all day, priority given to people attending the ticketed activities (free and paid). We have 3 staff so can only accommodate 15-30 kids depending on their ages. Get in touch asap to book. 👶

🚙 Free Parking all day 🚗

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