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Customer Message

Thank you for your support in our first week of trading. It's been lovely to meet old friends and new.

Please accept our sincere apologies and come in for a free 500g of cereal or oats if you have purchased this from us in the past week. Due to a software error there was an overcharge at the till.

Correct prices:

Oats £0.65/500g

Organic Oats £1.00/500g

Bran flakes £1.45/500g

Deluxe Muesli £1.60/500g

Strawberry Crisp £1.85/500g

Maple & Pecan Crisp £1.85/500g

Oats £0.65/500g

Organic Oats £1.00/500g

Thanks, Tim Y Ty Gwyrdd


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