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We've had deliveries of some fantastic new products this week and wanted to share the story behind one of the producers.

Lammas Fayre wholemeal and white flours are created from a genetically diverse 'land race' mix of 150 varieties of heritage wheat to ensure the crop adapts to local soils. The grain is stoneground to make a flavourful all-purpose flour for home baking. These gorgeous mixes of medieval grains are milled by 181 years miller experts at Offley Watermill Staffordshire, one of the best in the UK.

"In the course of his research, a chance event resulted in John discovering an amazing and unexpected record of agricultural history… a discovery that had him spending a good deal of time on rooftops over the next few years.

A shoebox full of wheat, given to him by a friend, proved to be an insight into the grains grown up to 600 years ago. The wheat had come from a thatched roof – old, sooty and no longer viable as seed, but the discovery that these ancient roofs contained so much historical information was a major breakthrough.

When the roofs had been originally thatched in medieval times, a base layer was put down and topped with a weather-proof layer.

Thirty years later, when the thatch needed renewing, the base layer was not removed but simply added to. This method of thatching meant that over the years layer upon layer of straw, along with seeds and weeds from the field in which it was grown, was built up. John’s rooftop archaeology discovered cereals that we don’t see in modern fields."

Visit our online shop for more of the new arrivals in the baking, sweets & snacks and health & beauty sections.

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