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Simple, eco-friendly and practical. The children’s toothbrush travel case keeps your children’s toothbrush in excellent condition while you are on the go.


Made in In Fujian, China, our bamboo toothbrush travel case is made using organically grown bamboo. It is manufactured under safe working conditions. Only water is needed to grow the bamboo, no harsh chemicals! Even with just water, the bamboo grows very quickly compared to most wood. While doing so, the growing bamboo takes carbon out of the environment.The eco-friendly nature of this product continues during transportation from the factory to our warehouse – very minimal plastic is used (only plastic tape, no bubble wrap or foam) and sea shipping is used.


It is 100% vegan.


The travel case has a long lifetime. However, if the time comes for disposal then it can easily be composted at home.

Bamboo toothbrush holder (childrens)

SKU: PLU 0322
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