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Naturally sparkling Organic fermented Tea flavoured with Nettle & Rosehip.


It is a prickly and rather amazing flavour combination. It is really difficult to define this unique taste but we can't claim credit. It is actually a traditional temperance recipe called Blood Tonic like Dandelion & Burdock or Root Beer.


Our Kombucha is brewed traditionally in small batches using 'Blighty Brew' Organic whole leaf orange pekoe black tea

The tea is sourced from the High Mountains of Huna n China due to its high L-theanine levels and organic certification.


Keep Kombucha chilled, don't shake, open carefully. Once opened enjoy within 5 days. Look for SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) - the living part!


Registered with the Vegan Society.


Ingredients: water, sugar, black tea, live kombucha culture, nettle & rosehip syrup (2%)

Blighty Booch Nettle and Rosehip Kombucha

SKU: PLU 1321
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