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Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a family farm in Messinia, Greece. This oil is cold-pressed, without the use of heated machinery and is simply 100% crushed olives from the recent harvest.


Olive oil is a well-known constituent of the salubrious Mediterranean diet – it is high in monosaturates, high in antioxidants and high in vitamins A and E. It is completely, naturally, free of cholesterol. The batches come from the freshest Messinian mountain olives and are pressed only once to ensure that all of the oil maintains every last little bit of the good stuff, and remains wholly undiluted until it reaches you!

Honest Toil Olive Oil

SKU: PLU 0401
100 Milliliters
  • The family’s passion to bring to your table an unadulterated, all natural, extra virgin olive oil is, in their humble but sincere opinion, evident in the product.

    Since establishing their little business, they have found that there are a fair few people out there who agree with them, and, much to their appreciation, the oil has been greatly acclaimed by those restaurants, delicatessens and individuals to whom it's supplied.


    The little orchard of Koroneiki trees is tucked away in the Western Peloponnese region of Greece. The plants produce a yield of relatively teeny fruits whose full and fantastic flavour is renowned for making the superlative oil that is characteristic of this region. So much so, that during the months of the harvest, the magnificent smell of fresh olives rises from local presses and weighs heavy on the sultry air. It is this sensuous aroma which hits the curious nose hovering over a bottle of Honest Toil, and this same deep, delicious aroma that’s locked within the liquid.



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