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Grown for at least 7,000 years, and thought to be a gift from the goddess Demeter by the ancient Greeks, Spelt was a key part of diets and farming systems across Europe and Asia right up until the late middle ages. Since then it has largely been replaced by more modern wheat varieties.


It fell out of favour because, like its ancient cousins Emmer and Einkorn, it doesn't thresh easily and so after harvest an extra process is required to remove the grain from the ear. It clung on, especially in parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and more recently it's been discovered by a wider audience - by farmers because it fits well into low-input systems and by home cooks and bakers because of its nutty flavour, nutritional profile and gluten profile - which many who struggle with modern wheats find more digestible.


Our Spelt flour is suitable for yeasted and sourdough breads, pastry and cakes. It's a wholemeal flour stoneground to retain the nutrients and wholesome flavour of wholegrain Spelt.



Flour - Spelt, Wholemeal, Stoneground, Organic

SKU: PLU 0519
500 Grams
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