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Straight steel drinking straw


Swap your single use plastic straw for this stylish, reusable metal straw! 100% vegan. 

Colours: Black/Blue/Gold/Rose Gold/Neon/Stainless Steel


Steel Straw: A Stylish and Reusable Replacement for Plastic Straw

Forget plastic straws! Did you know that people use billions of plastic straws in the UK yearly? Here’s how you can help- replace it with a steel straw. With everyone switching to a reusable straw, we can massively reduce the number of plastic straws ending up in the ocean.


What is a steel straw?

Steel straws are metal tubes that can be reused, washed and reused over again.


What’s wrong with plastic straws?

Did you know that plastic straws rank 11th on the most commonly found plastic under the sea? Marine life can mistake floating plastic for food, often resulting in death. It is said that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! Imagine how dangerous all this is as plastic waste increases.


It’s not too late for us to change that. Steel straws are a small step but a necessary one in the fight against plastic.



The steel straw is made in Fujian, China, under good working conditions. The material is 18/8 steel and it is food grade material. It does contain nickel at between 8 – 10.5%.

Our supplier sends the straws by sea to reduce carbon emissions. They’re packed without bubble wrap, using tissue paper instead. We deliver steel straws in zero waste packaging.


4 reasons to love our steel straw:

  • Did you know that using a straw can protect your teeth? In fact, dentists recommend it. If you love drinking juice or sodas, using straws may prevent your teeth from staining.
  • We guarantee you that our straw does not have a metallic aftertaste. It functions just like a normal straw– but it’s more stylish and Earth-friendly.
  • Since we already mentioned that it’s stylish, therefore it’s perfect for celebrations and parties. So take a sip of that cocktail knowing that you’re promoting a plastic-free lifestyle!
  • Available in a range of colours: stainless, gold, rose gold, neon, black and blue.


Important Reminder

  • Our steel straw has nickel material. Nickel is corrosion-resistant, thus it makes the straw longer lasting. However, take extra precaution if you’re allergic to nickel.
  • Don’t worry if you are allergic though, you can still enjoy a plastic-free drink. You could still use a bamboo straw, another eco-friendly alternative.


Plastic straw ban

Before the plastic straw ban in April 2020, England was using 4.7 billion plastic straws each year! There are so many alternatives available now it is just not necessary, except for disabled people.


The cleaning brush

Our cleaning brush for angled straws has a steel (18/8 (304)) stem and nylon 6 bristles. It is the perfect cleaning brush for angled straws. The metal is twisted, resulting in the bristles sticking out in all angled. This means the steel straw is cleaned very well. The 304 steel is high quality and resistant to rusting so it will last a long time. You can be assured of high quality.

It may contain plastic (the nylon) but if you regularly use plastic straws then it is worth the switch. A steel straw and cleaning brush could replace many plastic straws.


Frequently asked questions

How do you clean a steel straw?

They can go in the dishwasher or be hand washed with warm water, soap and one of our cleaning brushes.

What are the dimensions?

The total length is about 21.5cm and the diameter is 0.6cm.

The cleaning brush is 1cm in diameter but it compresses so it fits the straws well. The length of the cleaning brush is 19.8cm.

Are these suitable for kids?

Children should be supervised at all times while using the steel straw. Children should only use the steel straw while stationary i.e. they should not walk around with the straw in their mouth in case they fall over.

Adults should also be cautious of falling over while using the steel straw so do not use it while exercising, drunk, etc.

How do you dispose of the steel straw?

The steel straw is recyclable though it should have a very long lifetime. It is built to last!

How do you dispose of the cleaning brush?

If you wanted to really avoid waste, you could remove the bristles with pliers and cut the tip off. The bristles and tip could then go to landfill and the steel could be recycled. Otherwise, the whole cleaning brush would have to go to landfill unfortunately.

Can you bend the straws?

No they can’t be bent as they are already set in place. But the angle is good for drinking.

Is there a metallic aftertaste?

No, it won’t affect the taste of your drink.

Can this be used with hot and cold drinks?

They are great for cold drinks. Some customers have said it makes their drink feel colder. For hot drinks, it is not so suitable because the steel heats up with the drink! Please be careful with hot drinks.

Drinking Straws (straight)

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